mhj's Cozy Hideaway Never-ending Journey

This page is about my free software advocacy and links to resources, also any rants concerning propietary software and whatnot. Also it has a link to a personal distro of Linux I am working, called Garage Punk Linux, a minimalist Linux concerned about user freedoms and reusability.

On what the web is today vs what it could be: I feel the web today is very market and commercial orientated, concerned about tracking the user's every move and also taking away any privacy the user needs or wants. During the start of the web, it was very easy to remain anonymous but still feel like you could get to know people. Nowadays you are expected to hand over your cell number, your email address, and everything in-between. Facebook is especially callous in this regard. Furthermore, the web is managed in such a way nowadays that there is a very centralization aspect to it, which is what it was designed to prevent in the first place. At the end of this article I will be sure to link to many citations concerning the history of the web and how it is nowadays.

On my solution: My solution is that the web must become more federalized and decentralized, and become more resistant to government and corporate intrusion. There are several technologies that exist at this point in time that could help make this a reality, but the truth is that people must want this sort of thing, instead of passively accepting whatever the media tells them they should do. Think of the benefits of this type of web, for one thing, it would be helpful for journalists trying to get the truth out about government corruption or massacres or what-have-you. For another thing, cyber bullying would be less prevalant because you could more easily disconnect away from such a thing and become more anonymous. Women would be in less danger from stalkers since they could just join another instance of the web, without those predators. Basically, the net/web we know nowadays must be "destroyed" from within.