mhj's Cozy Hideaway Never-ending Journey

This page is about my adventures in D&D. I will eventually post character sheets you can use in your own adventures and any resources I find on the net!

Name: Orraeam

Class: Ranger

Race: Dwarf

Character Sheet

Background: Orraeam was born a noble dwarf in a prestigious family. He was taught all sorts of survival skills and how to hunt. One day, however, war came to his hometown and he was captured by a rival dwarf clan. Despite being captured, as the years went on, he rose up in the ranks of his captor's family, and become their butler. After serving for many years, he was finally allowed to leave once the head of the family died. Now he seeks to regain his past he lost and find a better future.

D&D session 3 with friends:

It went pretty good, except we had a new member show up out of nowhere and demand the craziest character. The DM's friend let him min-max the stats too. Basically a joke character at this point. Other than that, the DM has designed a good campaign that lets anyone just jump in, and currently we're staying at an inn, or at least will be!


So far the DnD sessions have been really good. One of the characters left last session, but the person who was playing as him will make a new character he said. I'm looking forward to it!